Prep And Be Ready is a preparedness resource site for those wanting to prepare themselves for life’s unexpected emergencies.  We strive to use a sensible approach to personal and family preparedness.  This site is about overall preparedness for unexpected events, emergencies, and natural disasters.  Emergency preparedness is about protecting yourself and loved ones from disasters, severe weather, any of a number of events that can turn our lives around in mere moments.


This site will provide preparedness information in various forms, including blog posts, links to valuable resources, and downloadable files.  We will focus on preventing or preparing for stressful events and natural disasters, how to handle these events, and how to recover and/or return to normalcy.


Our focus will be on creating a preparedness mindset, not on scaring you.  We hope to use wisdom in what we share by focusing on original content, publicly available sources,  and information from among the most reliable, credible sources.  We also will provide suggestions based on our own experience, successes, and lessons learned from our failures.


You may contact us at: info@prepandbeready.com